IMG_0545Do you need a fuel pump for a Hudson rebuilt? Perhaps a water pump or even an electric clock? Let us know we likely can help. Parts are only a single segment of what we do. Stainless trim pieces are likely the single most requested item. When ordering make sure you know the correct year and model when you place a request. Have you ever considered getting any accessories for your Hudson? We have under trunk lights, foglights, foglight bulbs, spotlights, spotlight parts, windshield washer bottles and back up lights. Also, vent shades and original turn signal units.  When putting a heating system together it’s important to make sure your Ranco heater valve is working properly. If overlooked, it will leak on the carpet and make a mess. Send it to us and we can replace the seal and get it to last another 50 years!

The Hudson parts sold here are for the most part used and very serviceable. There are times when New Old Stock {NOS} parts are available but that is more the exception than the rule. Mostly I deal with trim pieces for interior as well as exterior. Inventory parts are described as accurately as possible .

1949 Commodore 6 Rewire Job

IMG_0542This photo shows how you can improve the lighting on your 6 volt step-down dash.  Back in the day luminescent letters and numbers were used on Hudson dash gauges. A mere single #55 bulb was good enough to get those letters and characters glowing on dash dials.
However, as the years passes, the letters and numbers faded and stopped glowing. Consequently, today the original gauges are hard to see during night driving. To solve this problem, I’ve added more lighting. Both the speedo and clock have had additional holes drilled at the 3:00 and 9:00 o’clock positions. Add extra sockets and the #55 bulbs and it’s bright enough to see again. Modify your lighting harness to accommodate the new lights and don’t be afraid of driving at night again!

Modified Lighting Harness for Hudson Speedo Clock


Before and After(Rebuilt) Ranco Heater Control Valve for 1948-1954 Hudson (Front & Rear)

000_0066_thumb 000_0059_thumb

Rebuilt Stepdown 6 cyl. Water pump 1948-1954


Double Action Fuel Pumps (Before & After)


Stepdown Distributor Before and After


Stainless Moulding


Plateable parts

Plateable parts are sold with the knowledge that either additional plating needs to be done, or it is a suitable driver quality replacement part.

Examples would include:

  • taillight bezels
  • headlight rings
  • bumpers
  • ornamentation
  • mouldings.

Other Hudson parts available

  • fender skirts
  • wheel rims,
  • trunk hinges
  • window actuators
  • sheet metal

Please email or call for price and availability.  If you have any questions about any of the parts you see, please do not hesitate to contact us. All funds must be in US currency. Shipping is paid for by purchaser



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